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Dafydd Huws

Dafydd Huws

Dafydd Huws was born in Bangor in 1949, and nurtured in Llanberis but there is no relation between him and T. Rowland Hughes. He was a co-student in the Welsh department with Charles Windsor and a Welsh teacher in Ysgol Sant Illtud, Cardiff, for eighteen years before becoming a full time author in 1989.

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Alias, Myth a Jones: Comic gan Y Dyn Dwad   (Dafydd Huws)
Goronwy Jones had always been a Jack-of-all-trades, but rather late in the day, and with him in his forties, he decided ...

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Chwarter Call   (Dafydd Huws)
More hilarious antics by Gron, the working class character struggling in Welsh yuppidom.

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Un Peth 'Di Priodi, Peth Arall Di Byw   (Dafydd Huws)
A working class waster from north Wales makes a farcical attempt to join Cardiff's Welsh middle class.

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Y Dyn Dwad: Nefar in Ewrop   (Dafydd Huws)
Another humorous volume in which Goronwy Jones (Y Dyn Dwad) reflects on the history of Wales during the first decade of ...

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Y Dyn Dwad: Walia Wigli   (Dafydd Huws)
A very humorous novel about the trials of a fourty year old writer caring for his little girl as his teacher-wife develo...

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