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Dafydd Andrews

Dafydd Andrews

Dafydd was born in Wrexham and was one of the first pupils of Ysgol Morgan Llwyd. He graduated in Welsh at the University College of North Wales, Bangor where he also did an M.A. in the Welsh Department. Following a period as Head of Welsh in a school in mid-Wales he became a student once more, firstly at University College, Aberystwyth where he gained an M.Ed. in Bilingual Education and then at Jesus College, Oxford where he prepared an M.Litt. thesis on sociolinguistic aspects of the Welsh novel. He was Head of the Translation Unit for the County Borough Council of his home town before setting up as a freelance translator, author and language advisor. Among his interests he lists hillwalking, running, cricket and playing traditional Irish and Welsh music. With his wife, Jane, he has walked many of the world's best-known mountain ranges.

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Books in English
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The Welsh One Hundred   (Dafydd Andrews)
A guide to the hundred highest peaks in Wales. With photographs, maps and clear directions, here is the first book in En...

Reprinting soon

Welsh Mountain Walks   (Dafydd Andrews)
A handy booklet introducing 69 well-known and lesser-known Welsh mountain peaks, comprising clear directions and useful ...

Books in Welsh
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Cant Cymru   (Dafydd Andrews)
Walks to the highest hundred peaks in Wales. English version available - see "The Welsh One Hundred".

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Dewch i Chwarae Karate a Jiwdo   (Dafydd Andrews)
An attractive series of books introducing children to the most popular sports.

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Llais y Llosgwr   (Dafydd Andrews)
A journalist reacts fiercly to information about the burning down of a holiday home.

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Y Twll yn y Wal   (Dafydd Andrews)
A man's life is transformed when the bank's cash machine registers a quarter of a million pounds in his account.

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