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Colin Palfrey

Colin Palfrey was born, educated and has spent most of his life in Cardiff. His published books include a volume of poetry and two humorous titles published by Y Lolfa including "The Unofficial Guide to Wales". He recently completed the script for a pilot TV comedy and has written numerous academic articles and books.

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Cardiff Soul   (Colin Palfrey)
Cardiff Soul leads you into a subterranean city, around its arcades, from clubs to casinos, market traders to toilets. G...

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The Scottish Trip   (Colin Palfrey)
A very funny account of the bi-annual expedition to Edinburgh by a minibus full of hardy Welsh rugby supporters, with ca...

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The Unofficial Guide to Wales   (Colin Palfrey, Arwel Roberts)
NOT published by the Wales Tourist Board; a funny factual guide to read on those long, rainy car rides through the Welsh...

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Wacky Wales   (Colin Palfrey)
This is a personal, wacky guide to Wales but among the fun and satire there are nuggets of useful information about majo...

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