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Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Welsh by legal definition, outlook and preference even though born in Kent during the war years. Moved to south Wales at junior school age and received a normal education before an initial stint working as a clerk for the local authority.
Dissatisfied with this (and who wouldn't be?) a further couple of years were spent learning how to be a radio operator for the Merchant Navy in the days when the UK still had one. Visited many foreign shores but found truth in the old saying about there being no place like home.
This training stood in good stead for subsequent employment in the TV and domestic appliance service industry. Not being the "team" type, I then worked as a mobile mechanic attending vehicle breakdowns on the open road in all weathers for most of the rest of employed life. Not only was this an excellent occupation in which to observe all sorts of human behaviour but the constant writing of reports proved invaluable in developing a true understanding of the art of fiction. Then, after 24 years of this, I was dumped.
But, as many others have found out the hard way, this throw-away corporate attitude is normal when one works for a big concern these days. Too old by this time to obtain a job without prostituting one's principles or self respect, solace was sought in pursuing the art of writing - up until then a part-time occupation only.
Not a particularly spectacular or inspiring career, true, but it has been very interesting and rewarding in all but the financial aspect. If only the majority of people on this Earth could be so lucky what a wonderfully contented place it would be.

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