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Aubrey Malone

Aubrey Malone

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Still Rockin': Tom Jones, A Biography   (Aubrey Malone)
Tom Jones is one of Wales' most enduring pop legends. Now 70, he says he has no notion of retiring: "I'll still be ...

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Welsh Drinkers   (Aubrey Malone)
It has been said the Welsh livers and kidneys are quite unlike those of the rest of the human race - which is just as we...

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Welsh Rarebits   (Aubrey Malone)
Stuck for a jocose one-liner at a cocktail party? Want to impress your friends with your extravagant wit? Like to while ...

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Welsh Wit and Wisdom   (Aubrey Malone)
Welsh Wit and Wisdom, by Aubrey Malones, is a new anthology of truisms, observations, and quips about Wales. Quotes by a...

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