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Anthony Griffiths

Anthony is a well-known guitarist and landscape photographer. His interests include hill walking, photography, mountain biking, archaeology, folk music, celtic music and literature. He is a regular member of Meic Stevens' band.

He attended several Garden Parties and received invitations to Buckingham Palace and was mentioned in the London Gazette.

He is occupied as a freelance illustrator, working mostly in the advertising industry after years writing and illustrating children's comics - both humourous, science fiction and romance.

He left school at 15 years of age, and undertook evening classes in building construction and adult education under Aberystwyth University. He became employed as a builder of both private and public works. He was a member of local trust funds, the British Legion, and Neuadd Dyfi Public Hall.
His interests included reading, public work, bowling, yachting, boxing, scouting, golf, shooting, motor cycling, athletics, reggattas, carnivals, village activities, first aid, young people's activities, dancing, singing, soccer, literary institute (life member), served in Royal Engeneers 1942-1946, organised and conducted a choir, Broadcasting etc. produced several guidebooks, member of Meirionydd County Council, Tywyn Urban Council, Cardigan Bay Resorts, Wales Tourist Board, Clerk of Works, Valuation Dept. (inland revenue), water board, gas board, electricity board, Snowdonia National Park.


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Snowdonia: Myth and Image   (Anthony Griffiths)
A photographic guide to over 30 enchanting locations in Snowdonia with a text relating the historical and archaeological...

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