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Alwyn Humphreys

Alwyn Humphreys

Alwyn Humphreys was born in Anglesey, North Wales and was an honors music graduate of the University of Hull, England. Since 1979, he has been Musical Director of the Morriston Orpheus Choir, Wales' foremost male choir. Together they have won the Best Choral Recording category of the Music Retailer's Association on three occasions.

They have undertaken tours of Canada, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, New Zealand and Australia. Mr. Humphreys' numerous male choir arrangements are in great demand from choirs worldwide. He has also made frequent visits as guest conductor at massed male choir concerts.


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Alwyn Humphreys: Yr Hunangofiant   (Alwyn Humphreys)
An honest and revealing autobiography of the renowned conductor and broadcaster, Alwyn Humphreys. From his early days, w...

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Cythrel Cerdd   (Alwyn Humphreys)
A collection of anecdotes from the world of classical music, put together in this volume by Alwyn Humphreys.

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