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The Hill Farmer   (Gareth Wyn Jones)
The autobiography of Welsh hill farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones.; The farmer and his family came to national prominence in the ...

Books in Welsh
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Adlais   (Shoned Wyn Jones)
Llio's life is transformed after her visit to Llanrhodyn Church. Suitable for teenagers.

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Ffilmiau Cymraeg Enwog   (Philip Wyn Jones)
(Famous Welsh Films) - An introduction and analysis of 12 famous films produced in Wales.

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Fflach o Ail Symudiad: Stori Richard a Wyn   (Richard Jones, Wyn Jones)
The story of Richard and Wyn Jones, the brothers who formed new wave band Ail Symudiad, and Flach label.

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Fory Ddaw   (Shoned Wyn Jones)
As marriages disintegrate, teenagers hold on to their friendship.

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Gwirioni   (Shoned Wyn Jones)
An emotional novel following the experiences of a teenager trapped in a violent relationship. The hopes and fears of a t...

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Mab y Mynydd (Elyfr)   (Gareth Wyn Jones)

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Stori Sara   (Shoned Wyn Jones)
Maths lessons are no fun for Sara at the moment. The teacher, Angela Harris, is about to marry Sara's father. On top of ...

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