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Dr Volkisch and the Stempelhorst Legacy

Rob Atenstaedt  Other books by Rob Atenstaedt

Used as a vehicle to explore the brutality of the Nazi regime, this is a fast-paced thriller set in the period immediately after the reunification of Germany in 1990. Dr Kurt Volkisch, a senior ex-SS doctor who has somehow escaped being brought to justice, is reactivated to perform a duty entrusted to him in the dying days of the Third Reich. His mission - to recover Nazi treasures lost at the end of the Second World War. His ultimate goal - to unite Europe under Germany to challenge the power of the USA. Pursued by his enemies, the doctor's journey takes him from his adopted home, Wales, to destinations across the world. Will he succeed?

"I believe primarily that I have given the readers a gripping story," says Rob Atenstaedt. "It's a tale that uses North Wales, one of the most beautiful places in the world, as an important and exciting backdrop."

ISBN: 9781847714282

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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