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Getting published with Y Lolfa

Y Lolfa is an independent printing and publishing company with a 45 year track record of producing attractive, popular and groundbreaking books in Wales. All books are designed, printed and bound at our Talybont offices and works.

We now have almost 500 authors on our books and we take pride in the professional way we deal with royalties, grants and copyright payments.

This website (and also our paper catalogue click here for a free copy) will give you a good idea of the range of books we publish in English. Needless to say, we favour Welsh subjects and believe in supporting home-grown authors and artists rather than adapting from other languages.

If you have a book or idea you would like us to consider, please contact our editorial department by e-mail at or phone 01970 832304. An editor will be happy to give you advice on your proposal, and suggest how best to submit it.

Author contribution
Some of our books receive grant aid but most of our English-language books do not -- yet have to pay their way. This is not a problem with, for example, books for the tourist trade which sell via the 100 or so spinners we have all over Wales. But there are certain types of books (e.g., local history, autobiography) that may be well written and entertaining, and have an appeal for a certain market, but where sales are unlikely to recover costs.

For this type of book we may invite an author contribution to the production costs, in exchange for an attractive Publication Agreement whereby we pay the author a larger than usual royalty, plus a commitment to keep in print. These books are published under the normal Lolfa imprint and marketed in the usual way. Ask for full details.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Clawr | Cover A Childhood in a Welsh Mining Valley
A Childhood in a Welsh Mining Valley
Vivian Jones
full details

Clawr | Cover Handball: The Story of Wales’ First National Sport
Handball: The Story of Wales’ First National Sport
Kevin Dicks
full details

Clawr | Cover The Lions Rugby Quiz Book
The Lions Rugby Quiz Book
Matthew Jones
full details

Clawr | Cover Highlights from Welsh History
Highlights from Welsh History
Emrys Roberts
full details